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FERC’s Rejection of PJM Proposal and New Proceeding

Issue Brief | July 31, 2018

ACORE Investor

Report | June 15, 2018

ACORE Comments on
FERC’s Resilience Docket

Comments | May 9, 2018

Joint Statement on
Power Market Principles

Letter | March 6, 2018

FERC’s Decision on the DOE’s Proposed Grid Resilience Rule

Issue Brief | January 22, 2018

A Shared Vision of the
21st Century Grid

Joint Policy Statement | June 20, 2017


Story 1
Unlocking the Value of Integrated Energy Systems
Four Key Takeaways from our Most Recent Member Meeting

Author: Max Almono | July 17, 2018

Last month, ACORE hosted an executive member meeting in New York City in advance of our annual REFF-Wall Street conference that focused on the pathways to value and finance the integration of renewable energy systems with enabling technologies, a.k.a. “integrated energy systems,” in both utility and commercial applications.


Story 2
As Money-Losing Coal Plants Eye a Bailout, Solar Forges Ahead

Author: Matthew Crosby, Coronal Energy | June 8, 2018

Late last week, news broke that the Trump administration was planning to order grid operators—via “emergency measures” under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Energy—to buy electricity from struggling coal and nuclear power plants in the name of national security and reliability.